The 10 Most Important Things You Need to Know Before Using The Law of Attraction

I’m very happy that The Law of Attraction is known to so many people today.

And that so many spiritual entrepreneurs are realising the power within themselves to create the life of their dreams and manifesting all they want.

This is truly amazing, because it makes them go from a powerless state of living to feeling they’re powerful creating beings!

But, the Law of Attraction is not a superficial thing. It is not a technique to use and let go after manifesting. And certainly it is not a shortcut to the life of your dreams.

Using the Law of Attraction to manifest the life of your dreams implies in fact that you go deeper within yourself than ever before.

And this is very often the difference between people that actually manifest all they want and the ones that say they’ve tried to use the Law of Attraction without any success.

Because you cannot just scratch the surface. Or do a bit here and there. You need to allow yourself to go deep.

So, here are the 10 most important things you need to know before consciously starting to use the Law of Attraction:


1. You cannot just try a “little”

As said before, you need to go deeper than never before. You need to connect with your true self and align what you want with who you are.

Also, you need to immerse yourself in what is and how the Law of Attraction works.

This means reading about it, watching videos about it, attending courses and programmes, and really live it consciously every day.

You cannot just read an article today, apply it for a few days and leave it to come back the next month.

You need to compromise with yourself to go all the way, every-single-day.


2. You’ll be resistant in the beginning 

For you to use the Law of Attraction in order to manifest all you want, you need to believe in it fully.

But the truth is, when you first start you’ll be resistant to it. Because the Law of Attraction puts you in the driver’s seat of your life.

You become aware that you’re fully responsible for the life you create. There’s no more relying on external conditions or blaming other people for anything. All creation comes from you.

And you’ll have a hard time  in the beginning accepting this completely, because your ego wants you to stay in your comfort zone and believe you have no control.

So, realising your inner power will be something gradual. Believing will be gradual and you’ll go through many vibrational shifts and break throughs before you get to full alignment.

Sometimes something difficult happens to challenge you to grow and that doesn’t mean the LOA is not real, it just means you need to leave old beliefs behind for good.


3. You’ll need to let go of old beliefs

Letting go of old beliefs might not be easy if you have spent your entire life living in them.

But very often those beliefs are exactly what are holding you back in manifesting what you want.

For example, you cannot manifest a lot of money if you believe you don’t deserve a lot of money.

Or you cannot manifest a successful business if you believe you need to stay in a corporate job with a monthly pay check.

And very often those beliefs are not even truly yours to begin with. You acquired them from your parents, religious and/or educational systems, and other experiences you’ve had.

Leaving old beliefs behind can be painful because even if they don’t do us any good, our identity is attached to them, in other words, our ego is attached to them.

But, in order to make space for the new, you need to let go of the old that is not aligned with the life you wish to manifest.


4. You’ll need to come out of your comfort zone

In order to manifest all you want, you need to get out for your comfort zone and do new things, especially the ones that scary you. Because that’s where growth is.

Doing new things or doing things differently will also connect you with your inner power of creation.

You suddenly realise the only limitations you have are the ones you tell yourself.

5. You’ll need to love yourself

You can only manifest great things from a place of love.

There’s no manifestation of good things from a negative vibration because both are contradictory.

Only when you come from a place of loving yourself can you attract the things you want, because you’re attracting from self-care, from self-love, from self-respect.

For example, it’s very different wanting to lose weight because “you hate your body” and wanting to lose weight because “you love your body and want to feel and look great”.

The first one creates resistance and keeps you stuck, the second allows things to flow.


6. You’ll need to choose happiness and joy at all times

In the Law of Attraction there’s no if’s and but’s. If you want to manifest the life of your dreams, you need to consciously choose things that are aligned with your truth.

You need to choose the things that make you happy and joyful – the big and the small ones and at all times, every-single-day.

You cannot do something that makes you happy, and then go and accept doing other thing that make you cringe and feel bad.

Consistency is key in the Law of Attraction because you need to maintain a high vibrational frequency.

So you’ll need to be prepared to make big changes in your life and only choose what makes you happy.


7. Consistent alignment comes before manifestation

“If only I could manifest money I would be happy”. That’s how a lot of people think.

But the truth is, it works the other way around.

You need to be happy NOW with the money you have NOW, enjoying every single penny you spend, so the Universe will send you more money.

So, the alignment comes before the manifestation and the alignment comes from accepting and loving your life at the present moment.

8. You’ll need to trust the divine timing

Manifesting is directly linked to divine timing. And all of us have their own divine timing because we all have unique journeys.

If it’s part of your journey to manifest really quick, like in 10 days, you will. But not because you want to in 10 days, but because it was the right time. For you. For your life. For someone else might be less, might be a lot more.

All the things you want to manifest are already happening in the higher realms, but they need to come down to the physical plane in order to be manifested.

And for that to happen, you need to grow and evolve. You need to learn lessons along the way that will prepare you for what you want.

For example, imagine you have a very bad relationship with money and you don’t know how to manage it or even enjoy it.

If you manifest winning the lottery in 10 days, you’ll probably have the same relationship with that amount of money and could end up losing all the money or not even enjoying it.

So, there are lessons to learn along the way and you need to get to the right alignment and be ready.


9. You need to let go of control

This point is directly connected with the previous one.

Wanting to control the outcome and the timing is a very masculine energy – focused on the doing.

But, in order to manifest, you need alignment between your masculine and your feminine energies.

And feminine energy is about allowing. Is about going with the flow.

You still need to act and do things, of course, but from a place of divine guidance, not from a place of trying to control things really hard and exhausting yourself.

You need to trust that everything you want is coming to you, let go and enjoy your present moment.


10. You need to accept what is now

So, in order to manifest the life of your dreams and all you want, you need to accept and love yourself and your life in the now.

This is the key to attract all you want – being grateful for what you have now will attract more things to be grateful for.

So, you’ll basically change your vibration from a place of lack to a place of abundance.

You need to feel grateful and happy for every single thing in your life – even the simple things such as drinking your favourite coffee or watching a beautiful sunset.

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  1. I love these tips! Definitely helpful. About a year or so ago I read The Secret and heard about the Law of Attraction. One thing that I think the book fails to detail is exactly how to implement the Law of Attraction and what to expect from it. This is certainly a great article to detail some of the obstacles one may hit and what to potentially foresee!

    1. Carla Gadyt

      Thanks Lenny, glad they’re helpful to you. I’ve read the Secret too, it is a great book I love it. But I agree, I find it little practical on how exactly to put things into practice. That’s why I am doing what I am doing, I’ve done it for myself and I want to help others to bring “heaven to earth” and go past those obstacles in direction of the life they dream. It is possible 🙂

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