For many people being an Empath is seen as a curse, to be able to feel others so deeply and take in their emotions and energy. And I understand very well how it can be felt that way, because spending our lives taking in the pain of others is not […]

What Is The Purpose of Being An Empath?

When we think about personal empowerment and living the life we desire, we usually think about the “great” things, such as manifesting money, our dream house, a successful business, a soulmate, etc. You might even create vision boards, do lots of visualization and repeat positive mantras about having all those […]

How to Step Into Empowerment in Every Day Situations

Finding out you are an Empath is a major milestone in anyone’s life. I know that because it was for me and for the people I help and coach. Suddenly you find out that how you have always felt all your life has a name, and it gives meaning and purpose to […]

The 5 Major Signs You Are An Empath