The Law of Attraction is always at work. So, in order to make it work the way you want it, I’ve gathered the best 10 Law of Attraction tips that you can apply daily. These are simple tips that I use myself every day. You can print it out and […]

10 Daily Law of Attraction Tips

Living your life connected to and fully owning your inner power is basically being able to create anything you want. Personal empowerment is about living from your truth. Is knowing you are the boss of your life and you don’t need external validation to do the things that feel aligned […]

5 Ways to Step Into Personal Empowerment

I’m very happy that The Law of Attraction is known to so many people today. And that so many spiritual entrepreneurs are realising the power within themselves to create the life of their dreams and manifesting all they want. This is truly amazing, because it makes them go from a powerless state […]

The 10 Most Important Things You Need to Know Before ...

A spiritual entrepreneur is someone who lives from their heart centre and have a business that is their soul purpose. Someone who follows their true calling of helping others and truly want to change people’s lives. What I feel is that very often spiritual entrepreneurs wish to be of service so much because […]

Spiritual Entrepreneurs: Do the Shift From Lack to High End ...

There many laws in the Universe and the Law of Attraction works directly with the Law of Vibration. Consciously choosing and doing positive and happy things on your daily life is the way to keep you in alignment and in a high vibration. Being in a high vibration is what […]

100 Positive Things to Do and Say Today