New: Sparkle – 6 Week Abundance Mindset For High Vibe Boss Babes

Do you wish to step fully into a mindset of abundance, where you create and live your best business and life?

Do you desire to both help others with your unique gifts and make a shit ton of money?

Do you want to manifest all the amazing soul aligned clients that you love to work with?

Do you wish to have the complete freedom to create and live the lifestyle you choose?

Do you feel ready to create, grow and sparkle in your life?

I know those desires very well, because is who I am too.

Over 10 years ago I left my last (of many) 9-5 soul crushing job to start my own business, and never looked back.

I have a very successful business, 100% aligned with who I am, I work with amazing soulmate clients and make a shit ton of money which allows me to live the laptop lifestyle I want.

To have all the freedom in the world to use my unique gifts to help others and live life on my own terms.

And I am committed to help you do the same.

The truth is, creating and growing your own business can be as easy or as difficult as you choose.

Because it is your choice.

The more you are honest with yourself, and create everything that is super aligned with you: the right niche, the website, the presence on social media, your free opt-ins, etc, the easier and more enjoyable it is.

I know very well it can feel overwhelming, and that’s why I have created this course.

Alignment: You’ll get into alignment with whom you truly are and your business

 Charge What You’re Worth: You’ll learn how to charge what feels good and right for you and hold space for it consistently

 Doing Work You Love: How to only accept doing work you love and use fully your unique gifts being 100% in flow and joy

 How to Choose Your Soulmate Clients: How to only hold space for clients that are fully aligned with you and manifest them into your reality

 Up-level: How to up-level over and over again in order to grow your business


plus: Bonus: Your Printable Workbook: “The Roadmap of Your Business”

plus: Bonus: Lifetime Access to my bundle of social media exclusive paid videos (free for you when you enrol in this course) – valued at $5500

This is a 6 Week Online Video Course

Week 1


Aligning with whom you truly are and deciding what you want to feel in your business and life.

Week 2

Doing Work You Love

How to both be of service to others by helping them with your unique gifts and doing only work you truly love

Week 3

Charge What You’re Worth

How to step into a mindset of abundance and charge what you are worth… unapologetically and consistently.

Week 4

Showing Up Fully

How to become fully confident in who you are and what you have to offer and show yourself fully in all you do: the content you create, when you do videos on social media, write a blog post or an email, create a new course, etc.

Week 5

How To Up-Level

How to up-level in your business when you feel it’s time for it and grow your busines further

Week 6


Soulmate Clients

How to choose your soulmate clients – the ones that are 100% aligned with you and are a pleasure to work with – and manifest them into your reality.

This programme is held completely online!

As soon as you enrol, you have access to all the 6 weeks of videos and you have unlimited replays.

You can watch 1 video each week or you can go at your own pace.

Hi gorgeous!

I’m so excited about this programme! It is my intention that you use it to grow and create the life you envision for yourself.

I feel like I have lived two different lives in just one.

The first part of my life was most of the time out of alignment with who I truly am, following limiting beliefs and trying to “fit the mould”.

I was in many challenging relationships, jobs, and life situations that hold a mirror for me to go inside and do my inner work.

Until the day I decided that’s not how I want my life to be. And I decided to face myself and evolve.

Today I live my life on my own terms, focused on joy and being of service.

I’m committed to use my unique gifts and to enjoy every single magical day, full of what and whom I love.

I was able to create a successful business, live in my dream house, travel to where I want when I want, and most importantly, give to my daughter the life she deserves too.

And I am committed to help you do the same.

How do I know if this programme is for me?

If you feel called to do this programme, if you feel it’s time to take the leap and start changing your life, even if it feels scary or that you are not fully prepared, this programme is for you.


My life is super busy. How will I watch all the videos?

You can go at your own pace, and watch each video as you feel called to. There’s no rush. You have the course content forever and often, people love the course so much that they go through it more than once.


Are you offering a payment plan?

YES! I love payment plans. You will find the payment options at the bottom of this page.


What can I expect from this course?

I think the keyword is expansion. You’ll go deep within yourself and start aligning with who you truly are. You’ll have the tools you need to start creating the life of your dreams.


How long will it take for everything I want to manifest?

The magic of creating the life of your dreams is to watch it unfold every day and enjoy the process. This is not a race to a certain destination, but a journey of discovery. It can take a few days or a few months or years to manifest what you want. It all depends on your specific journey and ascension process.


Can you guarantee specific results?

I love this programme and I deeply believe in the principals in it. It’s up to you however to implement it in your every day life.


DISCLAIMER: I don’t guarantee or warrant results or increased income, as that is particular to each person to make it happen.

This course will open in Spring 2019.

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