The Law of Attraction: Why You Need to Stay In Excited Anticipation

Do you know when you reaaaally reaaaally want something and all you see is that thing?

Like a woman who is trying to get pregnant all she sees is pregnant women or babies around? Or someone ready and eager to be in a relationship and only sees happy couples? Or when you want to buy a specific car and all you see on the road is that car!?

That is not by chance or random, it is the Law of Attraction at work.

You attract what you focus on. So if you’re giving a lot of your energy to something, the Universe will give that to you.

But still, a lot of people even if they see what they want around them, they don’t manifest it into their lives because they focus on the lack instead. The lack of money, the lack of a relationship, etc.

They see a happy couple, and they think about how unhappy they are being single. They see the car they want and they think how they miss not having it, etc.

The trick here to get the Law of Attraction working for you and manifesting the things you want in your life is to feel as if you already have those things, because you truly already have them.

So, going from a place of lack to a place of abundance instead.

But a lot of people find it difficult to feel as if they already have it. The concept seems hard to put into reality.

It’s like “oh ok Universe, give me the thing and then I’ll feel good about it”, but the truth is, you have to feel good first and then you’ll manifest the thing you want.

So, in order to help you on that, I’m going to ask you to try something different today.

Instead of feeling as if you already have it, stay in a feeling of excited anticipation because you know it is coming your way.

A good way of doing this is by remembering that feeling. Because in your life you probably already felt it many times.

Let’s suppose you have some summer holidays already booked to a wonderful beach destination in 3 months. Because the holidays are already booked, you KNOW they’re going to happen, right?

So what do you do during those 3 months? You FEEL great every time you think about it! You stay in a feeling of excited anticipation waiting for the holidays to manifest.

The holidays haven’t yet manifested, right? You still aren’t there at the beach with your feet on the sand, but you IMAGINE IT every day.

You visualise yourself there and you feel awesome about it. You know, the feeling of butterflies on the stomach?

And you know what, the Universe doesn’t know the difference between imagination or reality. It only knows vibration.

When you imagine yourself at the beach and feel that amazing feeling of excited anticipation, you’re sending great vibes into the Universe, and then your holidays manifest.

Do you remember this feeling? Can you go back to a time or situation in your life where you felt it?

If you can’t remember being in any of this kind of situations, go back to when you were a kid. To a time when you were waiting to go to a special place, or waiting eagerly for your birthday party, or to open the presents on Christmas Day.

Remember the excited anticipation? THAT is the feeling of being in the vortex!

Bring that feeling to the present moment

Now, bring that feeling to the now and apply it to whatever you want to manifest.

Is it money you want? A successful business? A soulmate? You already booked it when you asked the Universe for it. The Universe already knows you want it. It’s booked. It’s done.

Now, spend your days in excited anticipation every time you think about it and imagine yourself with all you want.

Most people find this exercise much more easy to do rather than “feeling as if you already have it”, because it connects them instantly to the feeling of excited anticipation that most people already felt somewhere in their lives before. It is much more real!

And when you do this thing of staying in excited anticipation, you completely eliminate the feeling of lack, because you know it is booked already! It is just a matter of time now. It is going to happen!

In order to maintain that feeling, do things every day that make you feel joy and are connected to the things you want.

Like you would go shopping for beach clothes before your summer holidays, go do things you enjoy and are connected to what you want.

Do you want to buy a new house? Go visit stores and choose things to buy for the house, like new furniture. Do you want a successful business? Go to networking events for successful business owners. Do you want more money? Go and buy something you really like and feel great enjoying it.

And you know what will happen when you stay in that feeling of excited anticipation for a long time, sustaining that vibration and doing things aligned with what you want? You start to feel it as you already have it. Simple.

And just like the holidays, the things you want will manifest. Because you are completely aligned with what you want.

The Universe booking agency will deliver it to you. 🙂

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