Law of Attraction Steps To Lift Your Vibration

Hi gorgeous!

I’m Carla and I’m so happy to have you here today and that you are ready to manifest the AMAZING life you already deserve, through using the Law of Attraction!

The Law of Attraction is the Law of YOU.

We live in a YOUniverse, so everything you wish to attract into your life (externally), starts by evolving into a higher vibration first (internally).

In other words, you need to embody the energy of what you wish to attract, which is basically your true self.

Your desires are real and are the guiding system of your life. You need to honour them, believe in them and allow yourself to have them.

Next I’ll tell you some steps/processes to shift your energy into a higher vibration. These are some of the processes I use with my clients in our coaching sessions and that have amazing results immediately.

Feel free to implement them as you wish. I do them myself for years and they are natural to me now.

And remember to have fun! This all should feel enjoyable and fun.


Connect with Nature

Go somewhere around nature: a beach, a park, a lake, mountains, etc, and let yourself be present in the moment.

Years ago when I started using the Law of Attraction to change my life, I used to do this every single day in order to connect with myself and the feeling of abundance.

Nature is (naturally) abundant. It has the energy of expansion and magic, where everything is possible.

This feeling of abundance you feel in nature is your natural state. Is the state you are in when all the 3D conditionings are gone.

When you let yourself be grateful for all this abundance aroudn you and connect with it, you’re stepping into that vibration. And it is in that vibration that you attract all the abundance you want into your life: the money, the love, etc.

You can go for a walk and notice all the things around you, or simply sit down in awe and let yourself be embraced.

Then, take that energy with you. When you go away, hold that energy and use it in your every day life.

Spend Money From Alignment

In order to change your perception about money, you need to start seeing it as your buddy.

Your partner that comes into your life to allow you to expand. Because money is connected to expansion of self in this life.

The more you do the things you love, the more joy you have in your life.

But you don’t need to wait to become a millionaire in order to do this. You can start today!

Be grateful for every single penny you spend that goes to the things you want and love: your coffee, your meals, your clothes, paying the water bill that allows you to take a nice warm bath, paying the electricity bill that allows you to have wifi and be able to read this now.

For your car that takes you where you need to go, the presents you give to your children, etc.

See the money you spend as your buddy and be happy for it, no matter how “small” the things you are buying. The Universe doesn’t care if you’re buying bread or a Ferrari. It reads energy.

Feel excited when you use your money. Feel grateful. Feel joy. And spend from alignment, always. Always align yourself with the purpose of your shopping, even if the purpose is just joy.

Also, allow yourself to spend money on YOU. Pamper yourself, take care of yourself. Go for a massage, buy new clothes, do a luxury manicure. Allow yourself to use your money to FEEL GOOD.

When you spend money from alignment and joy, guess what? You open the gates for more money to come to you. The Universe wants you to feel good and when you focus on feeling good, more comes.

That’s right: the key to have more money showing up in your life is to focus on FEELING GOOD.

If you feel difficult to make this shift, you can download the game App “Law of Attraction Prosperity Game”  that gives you virtual money every day to spend in whatever you want. It did helped me many years ago to do the shift.

You’ll learn to spend from alignment and to feel good about it. Again, the Universe doesn’t know is virtual money, it only reads vibration.

Say YES Only to What You Truly Want

Using the Law of Attraction conciously is living from integrity of self.

If being true to who you are at all times.

This means saying no to the things you don’t want and crush your soul.

This is not selfish, on the contrary. When you do this, you connect to your power within and you’re basically holding the space for others to connect with their power too.

You’re telling yourself you deserve to be happy and live and enjoyable life.

You deserve to have a job or business you love, to be surrounded by people who truly like you for who you are, you deserve to enjoy every single moment of your days.

So, saying no to the things that are not aligned with that joy, needs to become your new normal. You need to commit 100% to feeling good.

Living up to other people’s expectations is a very low vibration that only attracts more of the same.

When you say no to the things that are not aligned you’re saying YES to yourself. And the more joy you allow yourself to have in your life, the more you’ll have to give to others too, from love and a positive space.

So, practice this on your every day life. Start saying no and start saying yes based on how you feel inside and nothing else.


Believe in Your Third Eye aka Imagination

All the things we see when we close our eyes are real.

What you envision for yourself through your third eye vision aka your imagination, is what is real.

It’s a powerful gift we have to be able to peak into what we are capable of manifesting. Into what is already real in higher realms and is ready to come down to manifest into 3D.

So, do not dismiss it or think is not real. It is, trust it.

So, close your eyes and think about what you wish to manifest. It can be your dream house, a successful business, becoming a millionaire, lying down on a beach in the Maldives, etc. When you do this, you’re there.

Now, allow yourself to FEEL all the feelings around it. The feeling of walking up the stairs in your house, having a meal in the garden with your children, the sand between your fingers at the beach, etc.

Allow yourself to feel every single emotion as it already manifested in 3D. THAT feeling is real. The Universe is reading it, and you’re basically allowing yourself to have it and to come down to you.

Now, after you do this, you need to connect it with the feelign of TRUTH.

Those emotions you just felt are your TRUTH!

The more you connect with them, the less everything else in your current “reality” will have less impact on your vibration.

You know is coming into your life because you can FEEL IT!

Have a Vision Board

You can create a real vision board with all the images of the things you wish to manifest, or you can create an online board (I’ve got one on Pinterest), or simply create one in your third eye.

The key is to focus on the things you want that are your truth.

What you focus on expands. So, every day take a look at this vision board and ALLOW yourself to feel all those amazing feelings around it.

Close your eyes and go into your third eye to feel them if needed.

But you need to realise one thing: your vision board is not set-in-stone. The Universe has ways to surprise you and very often things will be much better than you can imagine.

Because what’s meant for you cannot pass you.

Start designing today the life you love and deserve: