How to Step Into Empowerment in Every Day Situations

When we think about personal empowerment and living the life we desire, we usually think about the “great” things, such as manifesting money, our dream house, a successful business, a soulmate, etc.

You might even create vision boards, do lots of visualization and repeat positive mantras about having all those things.

But the thing is, your power to create and manifest all you want doesn’t start with those things. It starts with the now, the present moment, with how you live your every day life.

One of the techniques of the Law of Attraction is to imagine and visualize yourself having all you want and go into detail about it.

But, if the life and the way you live now is completely out of alignment with those details you imagine, it will be very difficult to manifest it.

Let’s say for example you wish to have your dream house, a magnificent house with a beautiful garden and swimming pool. And you visualize yourself getting up in the morning, cooking a delicious breakfast and then go outside and take your time to enjoy eating the food whilst being completely connected to tour surroundings. This is what you envision for yourself in the future, the lifestyle you want.

Now let’s focus on the present. You wake up in the morning, you take a shower and you rush through the door not even eating breakfast. Or you eat your breakfast in front of the TV in 5 minutes.

Can you see the complete misalignment between what you want and how you live?

There is a complete contradiction inside of you in regards to what you want and how you are.

And very often the reason why you live like that today is because you tell certain stories to yourself. “Oh I wish I could sit down and take my time to enjoy my breakfast, but… (insert limiting belief story), or “Oh I don’t have time to cook myself a proper breakfast because… (insert limiting belief story).

Human beings are great storytellers, we invent the most amazing stories that we tell ourselves based on our limiting beliefs and when we do that, we totally give our power away and stay in a vibrational frequency that doesn’t match the life we envision to have.

And then you rush through the door without properly eating your breakfast and you take that energy with you for the rest of the day and spend the entire day giving your power away to other people and situations.

You say yes to things you don’t want or go meet people you don’t want to be with, etc.

So, the way to create and manifest all you want in your life starts with those little things, our every day choices and decisions.

Little things such as choosing only to drink coffee you truly like and not settling for a coffee that doesn’t taste good to you.

This might seem a small detail, after all is just a coffee, right? But it is indeed your lifestyle and it reflects the energy you are in.


How you feel is your guiding system

The way to step into empowerment and start telling yourself new stories is to listen to how you feel.

Your emotions are your internal guiding system, they’re the voice of your soul.

We all have lived many past lives and we have inside of us the wisdom of centuries. How we feel in regards to everything is the connection to source energy, to our true self.

So, if something feels off to you, it’s time to start saying no. Consistently.

It’s time to start saying no to all those stories of why you cannot sit down and have a nice breakfast in the morning, and start taking the time to actually do it, even if you have to get out of your comfort zone and go to bed earlier and wake up earlier.

It’s time to start living a life in the now that is aligned with the life you want to create and manifest.

You go on in your day paying close attention to how you feel in regards to everything and everyone. And you HONOUR how you feel above everything else.

You stop saying yes to things you don’t want and don’t feel good, just because of… (insert limiting belief story) and you start saying no to them because they don’t make you feel good.

The way you FEEL and your well-being needs to be much more important than your limiting belief story!

Because when you act from how you feel, you’re in alignment with your true self and living a life of integrity with self.

You’re owning your inner power fully!

This way the energy you are giving out into the world is the right energy to create and manifest all you want because it is totally in alignment.

This of course doesn’t mean start being aggressive to other people or acting in rude ways. It simply means being assertive whilst still being kind to yourself and others.

Remember, this journey is all about you and you being responsible for everything in your life, is never about others.

Of course in order to do this you need to be in connection with how you feel. This will take time and practice, because we live in a world that praises taking decisions from our mind and cold facts, rather than how we feel.

Actually, many people live their lives simply ignoring how they feel, which leads to all kinds of lower vibrational states such as depression, anxiety, resentment, etc.

You’ll need to practice sitting down in silence with yourself, listen to how you feel and ALLOW yourself to feel everything that needs to be felt. Meditation is a great way to achieve this.

So, in the beginning when you’re still getting used to listen to how you feel in your every day life, and you face a situation where you are not sure how you feel, just take your time to take a decision. Tell to yourself or the other person that you need to come back with an answer, if that is the case.

That way you’re acting from a place of personal empowerment.

It is also by focusing on how you feel that you change the stories you say to yourself and your limiting beliefs.

We live in a YOU first Universe. In order to change your reality and start creating and manifesting all you want in your life, you need to do those changes first in yourself.

Because the purpose of life is to feel happiness and joy, and that is what personal empowerment is all about: living a joyful life at all times and every day!


Write down in a piece of paper several things you are giving your power away in your every day life, the limiting belief story attached to it and how it makes you feel.

This can be simple things such as eating food that don’t make you feel good or accepting to meet someone you don’t resonate with, etc.

Write as many things you feel like.

Now next to every single thing you wrote, write how can you start acting differently from tomorrow and how that will make you feel.

For example:

The thing you are doing and giving your power away: I am drinking coffee every day that doesn’t taste good.

Limiting belief story: I am doing that because that coffee is the cheapest brand in the supermarket and I don’t have much money.

How it makes me feel: Sad, unworthy and powerless (and possibly with a tummy ache).

How can I start acting differently: I am going to buy the brand I truly enjoy because the Universe is abundant and I am creating my reality now and in the future.

How it will make me feel: Happy, empowered and excited (and possibly with a happy tummy too).

When you do this exercise, and become conscious of the many “small” things you are giving your power away, what are the liming beliefs attached to it and how you feel, you’ll start creating new behavioural patterns in your life and gradually start shifting your vibration into alignment with the things and life you wish to manifest.

And it will feel absolutely normal when you manifest all you want, because it matches the vibration you are already in.

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