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Most Empaths have this calling or urge to help others, especially people that are suffering or in pain.

As you know by now, we cannot help others without helping ourselves first and putting our well-being as a priority.

Because we need to fill in our cup first so it overflows and then we can give to others as well.

So, for many Empaths, this journey of awakening, healing and personal empowerment is also a preparation to pursue further a career as a lightworker.


What is a lightworker?

A lightworker is someone who is committed to follow the light, to hold the light to others and/or transmute negative energy into positive.

Is a person who chooses to make the world a better place by raising vibration of self and others. Lightwork is both a calling and a choice.

Please notice that being a lightworker is not a career in itself. It doesn’t have to be. It is your choice only.

Because the thing is, when you do this inner work on yourself and raise your vibration, you are a powerhouse lightworker already, even if you do not do anything.

Just by being in a higher vibration, you are already helping the collective.

So, deciding to pursue a career as a lightworker is a choice, not something mandatory. But it is indeed the path many Empaths decide to choose further down their journey.

It is also along this journey that many of your other gifts get enhanced or unfold , such as the ability to do specific energy work or clairvoyance, intuition, etc.

As you become more aware of yourself and you listen to how you feel and follow your truth, it becomes easier to connect and use these gifts too.

You have been training for this for many lifetimes, you just decided to wake up to it in this one.


Why You Can Only Help Others After Helping Yourself

When you as an Empath and lightworker try to help other people without doing your inner work first, what happens is that not only you are not able to help others properly and then you become frustrated and depressed, but also you want to help the whole world regardless.

Everyone in pain is a call for help.

But, the truth is, when you start honouring yourself and your path, you start honouring others too. And you understand that just because someone is in pain that doesn’t mean they want your help and you need to respect that.

Maybe they only need to feel your positive vibration at this point. Because even without saying a word, just by being next to you, you are already helping them.

Or maybe they are not ready to do their inner work at the present moment and have a lot of resistance if you try to help them.

Or maybe they only want to feed on your energy if you decide to help them, having you doing double the work for them.

Also, when you try to help people at all costs, trying to “save them”, you are basically saying that they are not capable and you are taking their power away even without being that your intention.

Because the truth is everyone is capable and everyone on this planet has their inner power and access to it.

Of course, this means being very aware of the people that are truly ready to work with you, and having your boundaries in place and putting your well-being first by saying no to people you feel are not a good fit.

You start to realise at this point that you can only help people that want your help. People that are ready themselves to do their inner work.

Because, as lightworkers, we are only channels for healing or guidance. All healing is always self-healing because the soul is ready and wants it.

That is when actively working as a lightworker becomes a pleasure.

Because you do give a lot of your energy to help others, and when others are 100% committed to work with you and do their inner work, they will get results.

And that will make you feel energised and motivated.

Even when you feel that someone is in pain but it is not ready to be helped or want your help, you can always make the conscious choice to send them positive light and love.

Set up the intention that the other person is able to see the power within themselves.

Or just simply say a kind word or give them a smile. That can be the spark they need.

Now you are also at a point in your life where you can open completely into the world, owning your personal empowerment and showing yourself fully.

Because it is only when you have no resistance or walls (or bubbles or shields) that you can truly connect and help other people.

A very different vibration than before, right!?


Being an Empath Becomes a Blessing

This is where you start to see being an Empath as a true blessing.

An empowered Empath is a supernatural healer and transmuter of negative energy into positive and can create a lot of peace and harmony.

As you do your inner work, you are expanding and so your ability to help others, heal and guide will be expanding too.

You know now your true power to create, to shine, to excel and to empower others too.

This is a whole other side of being an Empath, that probably you are discovering for the first time in your life!

And the great thing is, there’s no turning back to your old ways of being. You are in a higher vibration now and totally committed to your spiritual path.


This is how an Empowered Empath can truly influence and help others:


Ability to Influence Emotions

You can alter the moods of people around you.

Instead of being swept away by other people’s energies around you, you can shift the whole river.

Just realize that your emotions and vibration actually do have a very strong effect on the people around you. Your vibration ripples outward and changes the whole room.



When you heal yourself you can heal others too, both physically and emotionally by using your own intuitive knowing and your gifts.

When you do this, if you decide to pursue a specific career as a lightworker and do whatever you feel called to do, you’ll be guided at all times knowing what to do and projecting positive emotions.

You can really help people by using this power. Your emotions are a sacred gift and where your power is.

Animal & Plant speaking

Your ability can extend to the nature kingdom and you will be able to understand animals and plants, and also help them with your healing ability.



Some empaths can feel beyond the veil, they can sense non physical beings like angels, guides, ghosts, and people who have crossed over, and help others this way.

Feng Shui

Because you can feel energy so strongly you can use it to naturally create harmony within a space.

Follow what you feel, and move things around. You will be shocked at how easily you can create the perfect atmosphere.



You might feel called to guide and transform other people’s lives by becoming a life transformational coach in a specific field.

Your Empathic gifts will allow you to help people on a 1:1 basis.



You might want to use your gifts to do readings to other people, helping and guiding them.

There are many types of readings, you need to choose which one(s) you feel drawn too.


Seeing the soul and light in others

When you start living from the heart centre and expanding, you’ll be able to stop identifying others with their pain or suffering. You know that is just temporary and that they are so much more than that.

You are able to see beyond their pain and their egos. You’ll be able to see them as beautiful powerful souls that want to grow and evolve and you will focus on the their light.

It is indeed your focus on other people’s light that will help you hold the space for them to step up to and heal.

This is why you can only fully help others when you find the light in yourself first.


Keep Yourself in a Higher Vibration

It is your responsibility to maintain a higher vibration everyday, by connecting with yourself, with feeling good and putting your well-being first at all times.

We as Empaths are here in this world to heal and raise the vibration of the collective, to help others make the shift from disempowerment to empowerment, and living beautifully from the heart.

And of course, for yourself to live an amazing life full of joy!

Humanity is on the brink of creating something special and lightworkers lead the way.

The world can be changed and it begins with you.

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