From Empath To Spiritual Coach

Are you an Empath who wishes to become a Spiritual Coach but doesn’t know were to start?

Or maybe you are already working as a Spiritual Coach but would like to up-level your business?

Many Empaths and Lightworkers have always felt an urge and a calling to help others and be of service.

As an Empath that feels the emotions and energy of other people, this calling can be particularly strong.

We live in a you first Universe though, and is only after you do the inner work in yourself of transmuting darkness into light, that you can fully become an empowered empath and spiritual entrepreneur and help other people, without compromising your well-being.

Actually, you start feeling energised by connecting with and helping others!

I know because I have been in this journey myself of empowerment and starting my own successful spiritual coaching business.

So, if you are an Empath that feels ready to start your own spiritual coaching business the right way or wish to up-level your existent business and need guidance, I can help you in shifting into the right mindset.


The High End Spiritual Coaching Business Mindset

Having a spiritual coaching business is not the same as having a “traditional” business where people focus mainly on numbers and sales.

A spiritual business or coaching is focused on “being of service”. The main focus is on helping others and transforming their lives.

It is much more than a business as it is a true calling and life purpose.

And it is totally possible to help others and be of service whilst going high end and making a ton of money, which means working with less clients, focusing 100% on each one of them and have the proper time to recharge and ground yourself.

As money is related to expansion of self in this world, more money means you can have the lifestyle you always wanted, do whatever you want and feel more energised and motivated in the work you do and life in general.

And yes you can make more money just by being in the right mindset!

It doesn’t require hustling 24/7, working hard or having no time or space for anything else in your life.

It simply requires being in a high end mindset and owning it. Holding that space consistently without worries or doubts. That is how you are co-creating with the Universe and as like attracts like, you’ll start attracting clients that are on the same vibration as you.

And that happens because you are a vibrational being living in a vibrational Universe. You get what you feel and think about yourself, whether you want it or not.


Having a high end coaching business requires the right mindset: 

  • Being genuine and honest
  • Being transparent
  • Having a good relationship with money
  • Being completely aware of your self-worth
  • Believing in yourself and that you can help others
  • Showing up consistently online
  • Connecting with the right people
  • Creating strong relationships
  • Charging the rates that feel good to you
  • Honouring yourself and the work you do


By working with me, I’ll help you on:

  • Decide the lifestyle you wish to have
  • Work on your money limiting beliefs and blockages around money and charging clients
  • Attracting the right clients that are ready to work with you and pay your rates
  • How to decide what you want and hold that energy consistently until the clients appear
  • How to deal with potential clients that ask for discounts, not want to pay your rates or say you are charging too much
  • How to show up consistently online and connect with the right people
  • How to create strong relationships that lead to clients
  • How to 100% commit to your goals and use the Law of Attraction to create the successful business and lifestyle you want

Who do I Work With?

My ideal client is an Empath and lightworker who feels ready to start or up level their spiritual coaching business by seriously investing in themselves and their mindset.

They feel their spiritual business is their calling in life and they are committed to help others AND have the lifestyle they choose that makes them feel happy.

They just need guidance and help in stepping into the right mindset.

Who do I not work with?

If you’re totally resistant about spending money in yourself or not sure about starting or up levelling your spiritual coaching business, or are not ready or willing to commit to change or invest in yourself and what you want.

What Makes Me Different?

I have tried many different mindset approaches and methods until I found what resonates with me and makes me happy.

I am in a high end mindset myself, completely owning my goals, self-worth and belief in myself which translates into attracting amazing clients that are ready to work with me and pay my rates.

So, I won’t just give you a general format to follow: I will be with you to help and guide you entering into this mindset too.

I’ll hold that space for you until you fully own it yourself.

What’s My Experience?

Prior to start my spiritual coaching business I invested in myself working with money and business coaches where I did the shift from charging low rates and feeling frustrated working with the wrong clients, to start believing in myself, connecting with my self-worth, and start to realise that when I charge high end, I am opening the space for my clients to up level and shift themselves into a much higher place in their lives.

Charging a high rate is indeed part of coaching and you are saying to your potential clients: I believe in you and you are capable.

This shift in my mindset translated into my spiritual coaching business and I have been helping many spiritual coaches around the world in making the transition into this mindset as well and start manifesting a successful business and tons of money to expand themselves in the world.

What drives me?

Anyone that knows me or works with me is aware that I am truly living my life purpose by helping and inspiring lightworkers that also have this call to help others.

Seeing others flourish and becoming the most amazing version of themselves truly moves me to tears, and I feel deep in my core being that this is what I signed up for in this life.

That is why I give myself 100% to everyone I coach, because I truly respect who they are.

I am with them each step of the way.

1:1 Coaching Programme

I do an exclusive bespoke 3 month programme with every client I coach.

This includes a 1 hour weekly coaching call with me, and also includes:

  • Unlimited contact and answers by email, with response within 24 hours or sooner.
  • Additional, short phone sessions, as needed.
  • Links to exclusive online content of mine, including articles and videos
  • Support and contact after the end of the programme: usually the people I coach become great friends and we stay in contact!

If you wish to work with me, I offer a free complimentary 1h call on Skype.

In this session we will:

  • Identify what are your money and business blocks
  • Get helpful support and give you tools for mindset changing
  • Talk about working together if it feels like a mutual good fit!


To book, click: