I’ve read many books about the Law of Attraction and others that not directly mentioning the LOA, but that are amazing to create a positive vibration and to change how we think.

Here I recommend some of them:

This book is pure gold. There are many versions of this book, I recommend this one because it is the original version, restored and revised.

This book is so much more than attracting your soulmate. It is a journey into self-discovery and growth.

This amazing book helps us to stay mindful and living in the present moment, because it is all we’ve got.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Jason personally at an event and how grateful I am for that, he is pure peace and wisdom. His book is amazing in showing us how to unleash our inside warrior.

If you’re looking to manifest a soulmate or twin flame, this book is amazing in showing that the ones that love you have always found your way and will always find it.