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“Could u give me some tips on how to truly feel good. I realized i can’t have what i want if I’m unable to feel good. Its all about the feeling and how you would do things if this part of ur life changed and i really struggle with that. sometimes i feel sooooo good for like a few minutes and then it just stops and i don’t feel good anymore. I want to be in a at least semi- content feeling that i have my desire. Any tips?”


Carla: Hi there!

First of all, congrats in knowing that it is all about feeling good!

Many people focus on the visualisation, creating vision boards, etc, but don’t realise that attracting what you want is about how you feel in the present moment! You do, so that makes it much easier for you! 🙂

You feel good in the present moment by making conscious choices every single moment. This might feel weird in the beginning since most of us are so conditioned to do things every day that we don’t want or like, because “we have to”, or “are supposed to”.

So, you let go of all the “I have to”, or “I am supposed to” and you start consciously choose to do things and be with people that make you feel happy, joyful and good!

Even the small things!! Not just the big decisions, but the small things as well. For example, say no to drink a coffee that doesn’t taste good to you. Say no to do a class at the gym that makes you feel a waste of time.

So, say no to what you don’t want or like, and start saying YES to the things you want and are aligned with your true self. Those things and people make you feel alive and good.

In time, you’ll start putting your well-being and feeling good as a priority and will be able to maintain a higher vibration effortlessly.

“I believe fully in the law of attraction, i’ve saw enough small evidence for it to add up to my belief in it although i rarely see the big things happen for me. I believe they can happen 100 percent but i don’t know what else i can do?”


Carla: Hi AP!

Using the LOA is not much about what you can do, but about how you feel.

You need to feel happy, joyful, calm, in the present moment. And only act from inspired guidance, not from hard work and forcing things to happen.

Part of this process of feeling good in the present moment is about letting go of the resistance we have about what we want.

For example, if we want money but we have beliefs about it that hold us back and make us feel bad, the money won’t show up.

So, try to identify what resistance you have related to what you want to manifest and work in yourself to change your beliefs and let go of that resistance.

“Is it better to be calm and serene or excited and pumped up?
I’m curious what you think because on one hand, being calm and serene is why we meditate which means it’s a state we’re trying to achieve, but when you’re excited and pumped up, you can feel the power going through you.
I guess it’s more about where your start point is. If you’re depressed, it’s easier to reach calmness than positive excitement, right?
I love both emotions. Sometimes it feels so good to be calm and other times it’s boring and I’m looking for excitement.
Which one do you feel more often and how did it turn out with manifestations?”


Carla: It is better to feel as it feels better to you.

Actually, you can feel both at the same time: you can feel excited and calm and serene at the same time. Both are not mutually exclusive.

You feel excited about something but at the same time without any worries and having an inner calm.

That’s a very high vibration to be in. :)

“It seems as if that whatever I am focusing or thinking about manifesting…the exact opposite is happening.  For instance, paying off debt…I’m visualizing, affirming, all the things I am supposed to do…but it ends up creating more debt.  Or wanting someone special in my life…I only end up being alone.  Its vrey difficult to stay positive when things are not heading in the direction you would like them to be.  Again, thank you”


Carla: I am going to ask you another question: how are you feeling about it? How are you FEELING about paying your debt?

Because you can think about it, visualise it, affirming it, focusing, all you want, but if your emotions about it are still coming from a place of fear, that means you’re not in alignment with paying your debts.

For example, if you’re still feeling anxious, worried, fearful about the debts, that’s exactly what you’re going to attract and no amount of affirmations or visualizations are going to change that.

Check where do you still have some resistance in paying those debts: are you fearful you’re not going to have enough money to pay the debts? Are you feeling guilt that you have the debts?

You need to shift the vibration into a place of empowerment. So, set up the intention to pay off your debts first. The Universe knows it already, so you don’t need to affirm it every day. If you affirm it everyday, it just means you don’t believe it. Once is enough.

And then you just need to FEEL GOOD around paying your debts.

Set up a payment plan, start paying the amount you are able at the present moment, and feel powerful doing that! Feel grateful for every single penny that goes into paying off the debts.

Imagine the amazing feeling of having no more debts to pay and bring that feeling into your awareness everytime you think about the debts.

Because you know, it is ultimately about how you feel. And you need to stay in a place of joy and alignment so it can start happening.

I hope this helps and bring you a bit more clarity. 🙂

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