About Carla

Hi, I’m Carla, Personal Empowerment & Spiritual Coach for Empaths.

I am also an Intuitive Empath myself, free spirit, old soul and lightworker, following my soul purpose of bringing light and guidance to other people’s lives.

I found out I am an Empath many years ago after I’ve had my daughter.

I’ve always felt other people’s pain and suffering all my life, and also always felt my call to help others.

So much that most times I would put other people’s well-being ahead of mine.

I’ve had many painful experiences from having narcissistic and emotionally abusive and closed off people in my life as family, friends, at work and in romantic relationships.

And I’ve been in a victim mindset myself for many many years, of thinking “why this happens to me”, believing that I was a victim of circumstances and at mercy of what life throws at me.

I didn’t know I was in that victim mode at the time, I thought I was just completely powerless in what life throws at me.

After I’ve had my daughter, I went through a phase of the dark night of the soul where I hit rock bottom. I was jobless, with practically no money, manifesting many painful experiences and people that would only validate my lack of self-esteem and lack of self-love.

I used to question at the time if that was all that life is. And if I can ever be happy.

Because I am an old soul, I have lived many past lives and there was this voice inside of me telling me that this can’t be it.

At the same time I was going through this dark night of the soul phase, I was also opening my heart centre through my connection with my daughter.

I was becoming more in touch with my intuition and with how I feel, and with my emotional side.

I have been for many years in a mindset of doing and making things happen, and suddenly I was connecting with just being and feeling.

My marriage was collapsing at the time and eventually I got to a point where I’ve had a full-blown spiritual awakening.

My heart chakra was racing, I felt like going crazy and I’ve started to search online about spirituality, which led me to articles about spiritual awakening and being an Empath.

That’s when I’ve had that A-HA moment. Suddenly the veil was lifted and I found out that I wasn’t crazy or too sensitive or weird. I was an Empath. And all my life I have always been.

That gave sense to all my past experiences and life situations, and why I always took the pain of others as mine and always wanted to save everyone from their pain.

I’ve started at this time my own journey of healing and connecting with my inner truth and true self.

I didn’t know where the journey would take me but I felt this is why I came into this life and what my soul is craving.

That decision led me to a divorce, to starting to live on my own in a foreign country with my daughter, to leaving my last job and starting my own business, to the end of many relationships and having many people leaving my life, and also to meeting new people.

I’ve started to meet lovely souls that helped me in my healing, cutting emotional cords with people, had energy work done on myself, but, most importantly, I started to listen to myself.

I started to listen to my inner child that never felt heard or validated in how she feels. And I’ve started to nurture her, to validate her, to listen to her.

I started to give myself everything that I always tried to find outside of me in others: the validation, the worth, the support, and, the love. Unconditional love.

I spent a long time in some kind of retreat inside of me, in an exclusive relationship with myself, peeling all the layers of what is not me and finding out who I truly am.

What I like, what I don’t like, letting go of old limiting beliefs that were never mine to begin with and came from parents and other sources.

I’ve realised that I am the co-creator of my life, together with the help from the Universe, and that I can create and manifest a beautiful and joyful life, aligned with my true self.

And day by day my life started to change.

As I was raising my vibration and starting to live from the heart centre, I’ve had people completely leaving my life and I’ve had my relationships with other people completely transforming for the best, because as I was loving and accepting myself fully, I was able to love and accept others as they are too.

My internal war started to stop because I was ending living in contradiction between who I truly am and what “I am supposed to be”, that I lived in for many years.

I stopped giving my power away to others, and nothing became more important than living from my inner truth, my integrity of self and feeling gooooooood.

I have to say that in all this journey I’ve had to face my darkness and my shadows directly in the eye. That means having to face many things that I have been avoiding to face for years.

But as soon as I started doing it, I realised that the darkness didn’t scary me anymore, because it was there just to show me the contrast and for me to choose to go towards the light.

I was in this process of healing and self-discovery for a long time and always wondering what is my life purpose and my calling in life.

I’ve started an online marketing business, but I wasn’t fully happy in it. It was just my comfort zone.

Eventually I’ve reached a point where I surrendered. I gave up trying to force and find my calling, and that’s when the magic happened, because it came to me.

I’ve had many people telling me to do spiritual work and help others, but I didn’t know exactly what to do.

At the same time, I was attracting all the time Empaths that needed guidance and help because they were going through a spiritual awakening themselves.

So eventually the light bulb moment came when I realised that is my calling in life.

That moment only came when I was ready. When I stepped fully into my personal empowerment and was whole and grounded, living a life aligned with my true self.

Because it was only at that time that I was ready and able to help others too.

It was quite funny then to realise that all my life I’ve always been in a quest to find my life purpose, my calling, without realising that it was that quest exactly what was taking me to my life purpose.

I believe that the reason why I am able now to help other Empaths is because I’ve been there myself. I suffered the abusive experiences, the pain, the relationships with narcissistic people, etc.

And I’ve done the shift. From giving my power away to others to fully owning my personal power and living an amazing life.

Because I have experienced both sides of the coin, and am fully settled on living in joy and personal empowerment, I can guide other people in doing the same.

Other people that are ready to let go of protective bubbles and shields and go deeper within themselves, releasing anything that needs to be released and connecting and fully owning their personal power.

I believe in every single person I coach and help. They can be living painful experiences, or lived in the past, but they all have their inner power inside themselves and I can see the beauty of their souls and what they want to become.

No one was born to live small or in pain. I believe that our natural state as Empaths is happiness and joy, and fully connecting with our amazing gifts.

Every single person was born to shine and project that beautiful light into the world.


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