Spiritual Entrepreneurs: Do the Shift From Lack to High End Clients

A spiritual entrepreneur is someone who lives from their heart centre and have a business that is their soul purpose. Someone who follows their true calling of helping others and truly want to change people’s lives. What I feel is that very often spiritual entrepreneurs wish to be of service so much because it is their calling, that […]

100 Positive Things to Do and Say Today

There many laws in the Universe and the Law of Attraction works directly with the Law of Vibration. Consciously choosing and doing positive and happy things on your daily life is the way to keep you in alignment and in a high vibration. Being in a high vibration is what attracts to you the things […]

30 Pratical Ways To Make The Law of Attraction Work For You

The Law of Attraction has a lot to do with imagining what you want to manifest, visualizing it, believing it, thinking about it, but it has a lot to do with FEELING great as well. Using the Law of Attraction has nothing to do with controlling the outcome, because you’re working in co-creation with the […]