10 Signs You Are a Spiritual Entrepreneur

Being a spiritual entrepreneur means that the main purpose of developing and growing your own business is to live and fulfil your soul purpose of helping others and changing people’s lives.

Is waking up everyday feeling you are doing what you’re meant to do in this life, and, most importantly, being who you should be and living from your own inner truth.

So, are you a spiritual entrepreneur? 

Chances are, if you are here, you truly are. But here are 10 top signs, see if you relate to them:


1. You are committed to your soul purpose

Maybe it took you years to finally realise what your true calling is and what really moves you, or maybe you always knew it your entire life.

Either way, you are NOW in the present moment 100% totally commited to live your soul purpose and your inner truth.

Other people’s truths don’t serve you anymore because you listen to your soul now.


2. You are highly intuitive

Einstein once said that intuition is the only real valuable thing. And you know that from your own experience.

You’re highly intuitive and you’ve learned to listen to your intuition instead of cold facts. Your emotions are also your guiding system.

You know that if something or someone doesn’t feel right, it’s not right and you move on. Your intuition guides you in your entrepreneurial journey.


3. You are awaken

Maybe you went through a major spiritual awakening that made you realise that we’re all connected and that there’s so much more to life than what we can see.

You don’t dwell on past failures, you know everything is happening for your good since you’re aligned with your truth and in your path.

You know that when a door shuts, a window opens and you rather focus on that.


4. You have a high vibration

You’re vibrating at a higher frequency and you live from the heart center.

You don’t let yourself get ruled by the ego and you know very well when the ego wants to interfere and you put boundaries even on yourself.

Because you vibrate at a higher frequency you tend to attract good experiences in your life and the right people that are there to help you.

You have lots of serendipity moments!


5. You notice the signs

You’re awaken and connected with the Universe and you notice signs everywhere: numbers, phrases, TV ads, music on the radio, something someone tells you, etc.

You know these signs are sent by your guides and the Universe to help you and encourage you, and everytime you ask them for a sign it is delivered to you!


6. You are grateful

Gratitude is the best attitude is your mantra.

Even if you only just started in this journey and you still don’t have all you want for your business and your life, you’re grateful for what you have.

Your life becomes joyful and your business grows because you’re in the “flow”.


7. You enjoy the journey

You know that being an entrepreneur and developing your business is not a destination but a journey.

Everyday you go through experiences, you learn new things, meet new people and are a step closer to your goals.

You appreciate the journey and have an inner peace about it.


8. You do your own inner work

You do a lot of inner work to be where you are now and to where you want to go.

You’re committed to let go of old limiting beliefs, old behaviour patterns and want to raise your vibration at all times.

You work on yourself so that your true self can come out fully into the open, and you are able to live from your own inner truth.

Because you know that only by doing your own inner work and fully showing up into the world can you help others with your amazing unique gifts and also live the life of your dreams.


9. You’re open to different things

You might know very well the type of business (or businesses) you want to develop, but you’re always open to different opportunities if they make sense to you.

You act from divine guidance, not from exhaustion or control. Your focus is on feeling good at all times and remaining open to what comes next, because you know that you are in co-creation with he Universe.

You know that when you’re on your right path, things happen on a MUCH better way than you ever dreamed possible!


10. You live with integrity

You honour yourself and the person you are. You live from the heart and with integrity, always wanting to honour others as well.

You have clear boundaries to others and you never do anything that it doesn’t feel right. You know that when you say no to someone, you’re saying yes to yourself.

And that’s why people trust you and your business, you attract amazing people to work with and you are building abundance and prosperity.

Bringing heaven into earth.

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