In the empowerment and spiritual transformational coaching I do with empaths we don’t focus on the relationship between empaths and narcissists and its dynamic. And there’s a good reason for that. In reality, the situation that an empath has in their life when they’re involved with a narcissistic person is not about the relationship […]

The Real Reason For The Empath And Narcissist Relationship

My work as a Spiritual Transformational Coach is helping and guiding people who are going through massive transformation in their lives. That transformation (sometimes known as a spiritual awakening) might feel overwhelming and difficult to navigate as the changes inside yourself and in your physical reality might seem to much to […]

5 Showing Signs That Your Life Is Undergoing A Massive ...

The Law of Attraction – or Law of Vibration – is real and exists whether someone believes it or not. It’s just like the law of gravity. It exists and affects you every-single-day-all-the-time even if it’s not on your mind. What the Law of Attraction tells us is that like-attracts-like. So […]

The Law of Attraction: How To Keep Your Vibration High ...

The human design is something I only found out later in life and I wish I knew about this many many years before. And the reason I wish that is because when I found out about it, I just realised how due to conditioning and limiting beliefs I’ve spent years […]

The Human Design And How It Connects You To Your ...

As an Empath that takes in the emotions and energy of others, you might have learned several ways to protect yourself. One of those ways is to imagine yourself inside a protective bubble where nothing can affect you. Whilst this can be a solution for Empaths that just found out […]

Empaths: It’s Time To Let Go of The Protective Bubble

Finding out you are an Empath is a major milestone in anyone’s life. I know that because it was for me and for the people I help and coach. Suddenly you find out that how you have always felt all your life has a name, and it gives meaning and purpose to […]

The 5 Major Signs You Are An Empath

The Law of Attraction is always at work. So, in order to make it work the way you want it, I’ve gathered the best 10 Law of Attraction tips that you can apply daily. These are simple tips that I use myself every day. You can print it out and […]

10 Daily Law of Attraction Tips

Living your life connected to and fully owning your inner power is basically being able to create anything you want. Personal empowerment is about living from your truth. Is knowing you are the boss of your life and you don’t need external validation to do the things that feel aligned […]

5 Ways to Step Into Personal Empowerment

I’m very happy that The Law of Attraction is known to so many people today. And that so many spiritual entrepreneurs are realising the power within themselves to create the life of their dreams and manifesting all they want. This is truly amazing, because it makes them go from a powerless state […]

The 10 Most Important Things You Need to Know Before ...

The Law of Attraction has a lot to do with imagining what you want to manifest, visualizing it, believing it, thinking about it, but it has a lot to do with FEELING great as well. Using the Law of Attraction has nothing to do with controlling the outcome, because you’re […]

30 Pratical Ways To Make The Law of Attraction Work ...

Living a life based on your inner truth is like making love to life. When you start removing the layers of what you are not, of all the bullshit limiting beliefs you acquired from other people and systems, and start revelealing who you truly are at the soul level, you […]

Making Love To Life

If you are into the Law of Attraction (and possibly read “The Secret” and other books about it), you already know that there are many techniques to apply. Some of those techniques include visualisation, imagination, creating vision boards or reciting mantras, amongst others. While they are all fine and work […]

The Two Secret Ingredientes of The Law of Attraction

  For many people being an Empath is seen as a curse, to be able to feel others so deeply and take in their emotions and energy. And I understand very well how it can be felt that way, because spending our lives taking in the pain of others is […]

What Is The Purpose of Being An Empath?